Increase profitability, improve product quality, and minimize risks

As lubricant experts, Brenntag Lubricants Northeast knows the importance of using the right fluid for the right job and pride ourselves in providing only the best products on the market.  We’re proud to be an authorized distributor of Houghton International offering high performing metalworking fluids and lubricants including:

  • HOCUT® and DASCOOL® Metal Removal Fluids
  • AQUA QUENCH®, HOUGHTO QUENCH®, and MAR-TEMP® Heat Treatment Fluids
  • COSMOLUBRIC® and HOUGHTO-SAFE® Specialty Hydraulic Fluids
  • RUST VETO® Metal Protection Fluids
  • HOUGHTO-CLEAN® and CERFA-KLEEN® Metal Cleaners
  • and more….

Why Houghton?

Houghton International is a global leader in delivering advanced metalworking fluids and services for the automotive, aerospace, metals, mining, machinery, offshore and beverage industries. Houghton delivers fluid solutions that increase profitability, improve product quality, and minimize risks for our customers.

Here’s a sampling of Houghton’s Flagship Metalworking Products

  • HOCUT® 795 B  … number one soluble metal removal fluid used in Aerospace machining applications
  • HOCUT® 8640 … advanced heavy-duty machining and grinding fluid for use with multiple metals including stainless steel, wrought and cast aluminum, powdered metal and carbon particle composites
  • HOCUT® 4940 … advanced, high lubricity metal removal fluid specially formulated for heavy duty machining of a wide range of Aerospace materials including aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, Inconel, high-alloy steels, Hastelloy®, composite materials, and superalloys
  • DASCOOL® 2005 … semi-synthetic machining and grinding fluid formulated for use in moderate to high severity operations for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • MAR-TEMP® OIL 355 … high performance accelerated hot quenching oil suitable for use at temperatures of up to 375°F (190°C)
  • COSMOLUBRIC® HF-122 … Factory Mutual approved high-quality synthetic polyol ester fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed for long life and dependable performance
  • HOUGHTO-SAFE® 620 … a premium water glycol type fire resistant hydraulic fluid designed to provide maximum safety for use under pressure, near open flames or in high temperature areas
  • HOUGHTO-CLEAN® 8131 … a liquid alkaline spray and immersion cleaner containing an effective rust inhibitor and a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants that are effective in removing various soils.
  • RUST VETO® 2212 … an all synthetic aqueous base rust preventive, which has the features of a non-nitrited chemical rust inhibitor; recommended for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • GREENLIGHT™ Fluid Monitor … a self-contained measurement system for continuous concentration monitoring of aqueous metalworking fluids

Added Value for Brenntag Lubricants Northeast Customers

Houghton’s core values, such as environmental health and safety including product stewardship, customer focus, and integrity, help differentiate us from other suppliers of metalworking fluids and lubricants.  Houghton works with us to provide a level of performance integrity that is unmatched in our industry. After all, it’s what you and your equipment deserve.