Delivering cost savings to your bottom line

Brenntag Lubricants Northeast wants to be your partner – not just your lubricants supplier. That’s why we’ve created a fluid management program that delivers cost savings through the management of fluids and fluid retention processes.

The program helps:

  • Lower the total cost of manufacturing
  • Lower the cost of quality
  • Reduce scrap and rework
  • Reduce waste stream costs

Brenntag Lubricants Northeast’s fluid management program will:

  • Identify and drive cost savings projects
    • Data driven decisions on fluid maintenance
    • Identify sources of scrap and rework
    • Cause and corrective action
    • Drive waste minimization and recycling programs
    • Deliver EH&S safety improvements
  • Communication of systems status
  • Periodic program status reporting

Brenntag Lubricants Northeast fluid management people and competencies

Brenntag Lubricants Northeast has gathered a group of experts ready to evaluate your systems – and save you money. Our team and competencies include:

  • Chemical engineers
  • Environmental engineers
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Tribology (lubrication) engineer
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Filtration and recycling mechanics
  • Six sigma, black belt
  • Lean manufacturing

Brenntag Lubricants Northeast’s fluid management program makes a real difference.

  • Develop fluid management scope of work
  • Control/monitor fluids and fluid processes to meet corporate standards for quality and safety
  • Manage fluids to fluid control plans
    • Onsite testing and OEM Lab analysis
    • Control of fluid systems and additions
  • Control and manage YOY spend
    • Perishables, tooling, grinding wheels
  • Focus on production cost per piece

At Brenntag Lubricants Northeast, we’re more than a supplier. We’re your partner providing the lubricant expertise to help you build your business.