A Proactive Approach to Preparing for Spring – the Rust Season

Metalworking Fluids, Cleaners and Rust Preventives

The warm temperatures of Spring are always a welcome change; however, along with warmer weather comes higher temperatures, higher humidity, and unfortunately, rust. Every year from May through September, the Metalworking Industry is plagued with rust problems. Problems that are easily preventable with a proactive fluid maintenance approach.

With lower temperatures and humidity during the period of October through February, it’s easy to become somewhat complacent about metalworking fluid maintenance. Some manufacturers allow their concentrations to fall outside of the recommended range, and tramp oil levels to increase. Bacteria growth, hardness, chlorides and sulfates become elevated. Because of the mild environment this time of year, there is no detrimental effect, namely rust, until Spring.

When May arrives, temperature and humidity climb, and customers have issues with rusted parts.  As a result, adjustments will be needed such as changes to production schedules, the reprocessing of rusted parts, returned parts, site visits … the list of non-value added activities can be endless.

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