Adding Consumer Value…and Bottom Line Profitability

Brenntag Lubricants Northeast and Valvoline have partnered to provide industry-leading automotive preventative maintenance products and programs.  We bring consumer value in enabling longer vehicle component reliability through proper chemistry and maintenance intervals while adding bottom line profitability to the automotive installer.

Preventative Maintenance Service Offerings

Brake Fluid

Helps maintain maximum stopping power by removing contaminated fluid, cleaning the entire system, and replenishing with new premium dry formula fluid to protect against moisture-related failure.

Power Steering

Helps achieve optimal steering performance by providing powerful solvent action to flush and remove wear metals and particulates that can physically degrade the system, and by replacing old fluid with a premium full synthetic power steering fluid.


Helps prevent the accumulation of damaging radiator deposits by using powerful rust and corrosion inhibitors that provide additional protection for the water pump and helps protect all cooling system metals including aluminum


Helps keep vehicles shifting smoothly by conditioning the entire transmission system and helping prevent high temperature breakdown of fluid. The service adds advanced conditioners designed to rejuvenate seals and enhance wear protection. Options are available to support both standard automatic or continuously variable transmissions.

Fuel System

Helps restore power and performance of an engine by using advanced detergents to fully clean the system and remove damaging carbon deposits, grease, dirt, and sludge.

Engine Cleaning

Helps prolong engine life by removing sludge, deposits, and varnish from the engine, optimizing the ability of the oil to perform. The service helps reduce fiction, allowing for better heat transfer and protection of metals from corrosion.

Differential and Gear Oil

Helps remove deposits while providing proper gear lubrication that is thermally stable and helps prevent new deposits from forming.


Cleans and refreshes the entire HVAC system by effectively counteracting odors caused by mold, mildew, and fungus. The service helps improve air quality, increase cooling system efficiency, and reduce micro-organisms and harmful allergens. No A/C System disassembly or drilling is required.

Preventative Maintenance Installer Programs

  • Fluid Exchange Equipment Loan and Leases
  • Customized Consumer Menus
  • Trade Funds to Support Marketing Efforts
  • Installer Service Writer Incentives
  • Comprehensive Training
  • On Site Support

Preventative Maintenance Consumer Benefits

  • Trusted and Technology Led Products and Services
  • Consumer Rebates
  • Service Warranty Programs